WGC International Summit Serves Refugee Families in Barcelona

2018-07-01 12:00:00

Los Angeles, CA

The WGC International Summit is a gathering of business leaders, both men & women, from around the world who come together to create, network and serve.

This year the Women of Global Change (WGC) International Summit 2018 features such keynotes as Brad Yates, founder of Tap With Brad and Raoul Davis owner of Ascendant Group Branding. Some of the WGC ambassadors and honorees include Les Brown, DC Cordova, Clinton Swaine, Harrison Ford and many, many others who are exemplary in their field of expertise and stand for positive progress and change for themselves, their communities and the world.

WGC is a multiple White House award-winning nonprofit organization who have served over 50,000 individuals worldwide. From infant care unit centers for aids babies in Honduras, to building schools in rural villages, placing three play grounds into a country that did not even have one, and in addition Career training centers and beyond around the globe.

WGC international summit 2018 will be serving this year in Barcelona. They will be venturing through Italy France and Spain. This year the WGC international service project will consist of providing a career training facility for migrant and refugee families in Barcelona Spain.

WGC stands as a presence Of hope and possibility for those in need! The Women of Global Change has local chapters in the United States which support and provide educational platforms for local community social impact activism.

WGC is more than a moment it is a movement and to find out more go to http://www.womenofglobalchange.com