Worldfund, International Non-profit Focused in Teacher Training in Latin America, Changes its Name to ‘Educando’

2018-07-01 12:00:00

The name Educando in both Spanish and Portuguese is an action verb; in English, 'Edu-can-do' reflects the imperative that high quaity education is something that can be done for children everywhere" - Kelly Maurice, Educando's Executive Director


After celebrating 15 years of transforming education in Latin America by impacting more than 5 million public school students in Mexico and Brazil, Worldfund announces it is changing its name to "Educando".

Founded in 2002, as World Education & Development Fund, Worldfund announced the name change during its annual Education Leadership Award Dinner on June 7, 2018 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York. The fundraising event welcomed guests from the United States and Latin America, raising funds to be invested in the programs in Mexico and Brazil.

This organizational name change represents a leap forward for Educando and will bring the organization closer to the communities of Latin America, where its programs are scaling and continue to develop solid relationships with local and federal governments. During the transitional rebranding process, the organization will use the name ‘Educando by Worldfund’.

“The name Educando represents the transformative power of our programs designed to train and equip high quality educators in Mexico and Brazil. Educando in both Spanish and Portuguese is an action verb, referencing the amazing work already in progress and reaching millions. In English, the new name, Edu-can-do, reflects the imperative that high quality education is something that can be done and made accessible for children everywhere,” said Kelly Maurice, Educando’s Executive Director.

Educando's impact

Educando transforms public schools communities in Mexico and Brazil by training teachers and principals in educational excellence, equipping them for state-of-the art education in science, math, technology, leadership, and English. The three programs together have trained over 9,200 educators, impacting over 5.3 million students in public schools in Mexico and Brazil:

IAPE | Mexico: IAPE (Inter-American Partnership for Education) is a partnership between Educando and Dartmouth College's Rassias Center that trains, supports, and empowers English teachers serving in Mexican public schools using the Rassias Method ®.

LISTO | Mexico : LISTO trains and supports public school principals in Mexico in instructional, transformational, and organizational leadership. Through a combination of workshops and coaching, LISTO promotes a profound shift in school culture.

STEM Brasil | Brazil: The goal of STEM Brasil and the new STEM Mexico is to offer top-quality support to Science and Math teachers serving in public schools. STEM is a hands-on training program that focuses on the official Brazilian and Mexican curricula.