Summer Vacation Incentive for Briggs and Stratton Backup Generators at Norwall PowerSystems

2018-07-26 20:47:46

Customers at Norwall PowerSystems can save hundreds to dollars off the purchase of a Briggs and Stratton backup generator beginning July 23 through August 10, 2018. The ten-percent-off Briggs and Stratton Standby Sale includes all standby generators from 12 kilowatts to 60 kilowatts. Air-cooled packages include units from 12 to 20 kilowatts and liquid-cooled models up to 60 kilowatts. Norwall ( made the announcement following a 10-day outlook with above average temperatures expected in many states including the West, Southwest, South, and Northeast.

Heatwaves can strain power reserves and tax distribution equipment when utility customers use more power to cool their homes during higher than average temperatures. Last year’s extreme heat coupled blackouts and power outages with record temperatures that sometimes soared over 120 degrees. Lack of cooling during an outage affects everyone, especially the elderly and children, and those in poor health. Homeowners with automatic standby generators use the backup power to run air conditioners, refrigerators, and other needs. The standby generators run without refueling for days or weeks and work automatically in any weather. 

Liquid-Cooled models from 25 to 60 kilowatts supply large or luxury homes with higher power needs or homes in regions where temperatures often exceed 100 degrees. With a cooling system similar to an automobile, liquid-cooled generators beat the heat when air-cooled models struggle.

With the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season just weeks away, it’s a good time to prepare ahead for the possibility of upcoming storms in Gulf Coast and East Coast states.

Travis LaVallie at Norwall said, “After multiple billion-dollar disasters in 2017 that left millions without power for days or weeks, taking ten percent off Briggs and Stratton Standby Generators helps homeowners throughout the nation prepare before another disaster strikes.”

The Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University reminds coastal residents “that it only takes one hurricane making landfall to make it an active season for them.” Residents should prepare for every season no matter how much activity is forecast.

Homeowners and businesses who act now will save hundreds of dollars off Briggs and Stratton Backup Generators at Norwall PowerSystems.

With record heat already in the books for 2018 and the looming Atlantic Hurricane Season peak ahead, preparing now may keep residents in their homes and business doors open. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that all homeowners purchase a generator to use as a backup source of power. Backup generators work automatically in any weather and once installed, don’t require setup or refueling with gasoline.

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Norwall PowerSystems, established in 1997 to specialize in the sale of emergency backup power generators and associated equipment, stocks 1,000s of standby generators, portable generators, automatic transfer switches and replacement parts in multiple warehouses throughout the US. The Norwall Blog and Norwall Power Expert provide helpful emergency disaster resources with links to important sites, disaster preparation, and information on relevant current events. With over 55 years of combined experience in the electrical and power plant arenas, sales staff provide courteous and knowledgeable service to customers by listening, taking notes, and providing information promptly. Regular, factory-sponsored training keeps staff up to date on new products. In business for more than 20 years, Norwall has shipped over 200,000 generators.

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